Tuesday, August 30, 2011


What an enticing title huh? Well, thats what today was so I'm just gonna roll with it. I ate super well today even with a lot on my mind. I have been enjoying being able to take my time cooking. I need some steady employment but I know that it will only make things harder. I'll have less time and less energy to eat this well. But for now I'm enjoying the luxury of taking my time. I have found that cooking healthily can be very satisfying. I enjoy thinking about the benefits of all the ingredients that go into whatever I'm making. Like for lunch I made a salad. Romaine lettuce and green leaf lettuce, beautiful green nutrients. Carrots, purple cabbage, red onion, so much nutrition! Then I had ground turkey, hello nice lean protein and garlic, hello heart health! And unlike the short lived euphoria of sugar and carbs, this good feeling continues on. Well hello Kashi bar! Aren't you just full of whole grains, protein, and delicious dark chocolate. Good morning Mr. Greek yogurt with super protein. Now these are friends I don't have to be ashamed of and hide in the closet.

Well tomorrow I log in an official weight. I know its not the first yet but I will be at my moms tomorrow and her scale is my official scale.  I know its gone down, I know it has but seeing that number is still hard to take. Part of it is that I have been yo-yo ing around this weight for some time now. This number, while going down, is still quite higher than when I started last time. But when September is over I know it will be worth it and that having the loss down on paper will be a good thing.

Til tomorrow

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