Monday, August 15, 2011

The price of health

So I ended up with another $90 dollar grocery bill this week. That really frustrates me, bad food costs less. It just does. You would think that food that takes less time in a factory wouldn't be so expensive. As I rolled my cart to the car tonight I thought about how much this is going to cost me. It made me a little queasy. But then I remembered the cost of not getting healthy. The price of medicine I will eventually have to take if I don't get healthy now. The doctors visits and the hospital care. That should really scare me but I have to remind myself because it isn't so present. It doesn't show up in my pocketbook yet.

But I think the price I've paid to stay fat is way to high. The way my feet hurt, the clothes that wear out faster, the overall pain of being fat, it's not worth the savings at the grocery store. I have to pay now to get the results I want. I know it will be worth it.

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