Monday, August 15, 2011

Morning a.k.a. fiber time

Its not that I want to eat badly today, it's just that I don't want to care. I just want to eat whats close and whats at hand. But I know thats a bad idea. I don't have "healthy eating" autopilot yet. I sure as heck have "Fast food" autopilot, and "Eat the most unhealthy thing in the room" autopilot.  I have to make Conscious decisions instead of unconscious ones. That takes more energy than I have right now especially since I had a few fatty foods over the weekend. My body is like a very delicate thermometer. I can feel any change in it now. I didn't binge or go crazy this weekend, I controlled myself (amen for small miracles) but I felt the effects of each decision. I can honestly say I'm not a fan of that. Isn't the effect on the scale enough, do I really have to feel each wrong food so intimately. I really want to make it through this month. Making it through August is a big deal right now. I guess you could say its my first goal. Why yes, I've just decided.

Goal # 1. Make it through August

Small and attainable and something to look forward to.

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