Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food is a drug, make no mistake

Today has been a little rough so far (ack! its only noon). I really don't want to eat any veggies or honestly to work at all. I feel like a drug addict going through withdrawal. I want to sit in a pile of candy and fast food and just lose myself. This real world is just so.. real. It's boring and full of tasks that I don't want to do. I know that the beautiful haze of the beginning is over. My body is getting used to the change but my mind is obviously not ready. I won't let this be the end but I really feel that today is going to be quite a struggle. It's one of those dig down deep and just get it done kind of days. It's time to make my veggies. One step at a time.

Today I will -

1. Eat my vegetables
2. Go buy some earphones and go for a walk
3. Finally take some before photos

I am so grateful I have found the blogging community, its helped more than I can say. I have 4 followers! Woot woot!

1 comment:

  1. trust me, each of those things you listed will make you feel ten times better for far longer than reaching for a pile of food. Food is temporary relief followed by guilt followed by more food and self destruction. Keep at it... one day at a time and they will add up quickly, just keep at it :0)