Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Hut Strikes Again

I did not want to blog this afternoon. I did NOT want to talk about lunch today. But what is this thing for if not for honesty and to share my story, the ups and the downs. I brought the girls over to their Grandma's house for lunch. I knew it wouldn't be super healthy but I was ready to control my portions. Well Grandma decided to order pizza. I told myself to stick to one slice. DISASTER!!! I lost all control and had....4 pieces and a slice of dessert. Ugh. This is my first big slip up. I feel gross and disappointed in myself. I also have this music to learn which means I really don't have time to exercise today. I think the girls and I will have a dance party so I can at least get some movement down. We are going to have to do the same thing tomorrow because I have a gig tomorrow night (the one I have to practice music for). Saturday I've promised myself another hour walk. Fiber and veggies, here we come. I need some support right now, I'm feeling a little lonely.

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