Saturday, August 13, 2011

Damn the salty goodness

I feel like today was where things are getting real. The honeymoon phase of the diet romance is always rather short. Then things come up and you are forced to make choices. To decide whats worth it, whats acceptable, whats cheating, whats just living a little, and what is a hard veer off course. I wasn't perfect today but its kind of a relief. To have that first mistake, that first "oh I shouldn't a' done that" moments. I've been doing exceptionally well eating out. Tonight Erika and I shared a dessert and I didn't eat all my dinner and I didn't have a single chip. But tonight when Erika opened the Tostitos I just gave in to the eating mechanism. It didn't feel as good as I remembered . But tomorrow I decide what its gonna be. I will have to make these choices again and again. I don't feel all gung-ho, guns ablazing, we're gonna beat this thing! I just feel grounded in knowing whats at stake and what its going to take. I have no delusions, I have no grand pronouncements of guaranteed success but I feel more ready than I've ever felt. I want a better life and I want it bad enough to go into tomorrow fighting.

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