Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So here is how it works. Someone says, "Will you come do a mini lesson for my student?" This is the standard interview process for voice teachers. Nothing new, nothing terribly special. Thousands of voice teachers, competent, smart, stupid, and downright lazy have done this. But tell that to the sea of queasy in my stomach.

Now here is AD/HD's fun little game. It starts with, "what if I'm not ready?" Then it becomes hours of imagery. Not good imagery. I'm talking every single question I can't answer, every voice problem I can't help with, and every awkward silence imaginable. Every..single..scenario, replayed over and over and over until I want to puke.

And now instead of pounding a chocolate cake, I have to be alone with my hamster wheel brain.

But on an ironically good note, my mom asked me to make a dessert for her bible study on Monday. Now I know you might wonder how dessert can be a positive thing, but it's the first time someone has specifically asked for one of my desserts. My desserts have always been received well and they always get eaten, but no one ever asks specifically for me to bake them one. I'm quite honored, even if it is just my mom.

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