Friday, August 12, 2011

The energy to stuff my face

So I woke up today and ba-zing! I'm like full of energy and don't feel the usual fog. I know that the obtaining of employment has released some stress but I'm gonna give those veggies and vitamins their due.

Now here comes the problem. Problem? Seriously? More energy and feeling fitter, what's wrong with that? Well now that I'm ready to go, I have nothing to do. Then I hear the refrigerator and the pantry calling in perfect harmony. "Bored? Need something to do? We have plenty of things to keep you entertained!" Its one truly cruel thing about food addiction. There is no time (except when I'm really really nervous) that I can't find some reason or craving to eat. It's like black shoes, it goes with just about everything. So I've done pretty good today and I'm feeling a little better but I can vaguely hear the food calling me. "Down boy! Bad refrigerator! Bad pantry!"

Also now that its been about 10 days, I'm feeling the anxiousness. I know how long this is going to take. I really do. There is no magic pill. I can't wake up tomorrow and be where I want to be. This is a long term change that needs consistency and tenacity. But now that the routine is in place its just a waiting game. I haven't had soda, or fast food, or candy (for total accountability I will say that I have a little bit of dark chocolate every day but seeing as its the super dark kind that in small quantities is super good for you I'm not counting it). I've eaten tons of veggies and fruits. (Today I had steamed purple cabbage. Um... amazing! Who knew?) Now I'm just playing the waiting game. I    am    not    good    at      the    waiting    game. Now the weighing game, that I'm a champ at. So I'm trying to focus on something I can get close to. Its one of those weight loss strategies everyone talks about. For me its the only thing keepin me holdin on. So for now I am just focusing on getting my pants to feel looser.  BUT I WANT TO BE THIN NOW!!!! oops... my bad.

So the moral of the story, steamed purple cabbage is tasty.

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