Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't Cry Out Loud

I ended yesterday in a very very bad mood.This morning I made whole wheat apple pancakes. I drank my juice and took my vitamins. I remembered I need to slow down and not take me or my life so seriously. I've been on this mission to lose weight and as usual I am so hard core that I get frustrated when I lose so slowly. So I'm gonna slow down today and count my blessings. It's okay if I'm not perfect today. This is the weight I am, if I keep working at it, it WILL come off, there is just no other option for it. I ate pizza yesterday, it's not some life changing earth shattering calamity. The important thing is that it's not the norm anymore. I'm just gonna keep plugging away. I don't have diabetes yet, I'm still mobile, I'm not destitute, I'm in a good starting place. Today I'm gonna look around, accept where I'm at, and do my best job. Who wants broccoli for lunch? OOOH Me! Me!

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