Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The time factor

I get stuck on time. Its probably the hardest part about this thing. I really don't have a problem eating vegetables. Exercise is difficult but (thankfully) not impossible. But waking every morning and not seeing any difference after all my hard work is excruciating..  I know in my head that I did well yesterday but my clothes aren't much looser yet (just a fraction, which I need to acknowledge and be proud of). I still hurt, its still work to climb stairs and get around the house. Whine, whine, whine, man we dieters do that a lot.

So I've just decided I need to remember whats going well. Positivity, its good for the mind and the body.

1. I am not bed-ridden (one of my fears)
2. I'm taking vitamins and my Omega 3-6-9 oils which means I'm nourishing my body and adding quality to my years
3. I can still dance
4. I like a variety of fruits and vegetables
5. I can touch my toes easily
6. Fiber - digestive health - like clockwork baby!
7. I have more energy
8. I don't have to special order clothes (Thank God for Lane Bryant - despite the jokes its nice to have pretty clothes)
9. I can walk without help
10. I'm educated in nutrition and know whats real and what's hype

The weather (I'm in Texas) seems to have finally broken a little and the evenings are cool enough to walk. I like working out in the pool but its not a consistent exercise. Walking is easy and doable. I need to go out and get some more earphones. When my job situation evens out and I have moved I do plan on joining a gym. I really love the elliptical trainers and want to start a weight training regime. But I know myself and I know that if I jump into something too fast, I never stick with it and I wear myself out too fast. I know that its consistency that is the most important. I'm starting with moving more. I need to buy some more workout songs. Any ideas?

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