Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hunting for Goals

I've thought a lot about goals lately. They are supposed to be the bastion of a good lifestyle change. But I feel like Little Red Riding Hood. This goal is toooo big, this goal is toooooo small. Where is my just right goal? But I think they are a good thing so here are my perfectly portioned goals.

1. 315 - This weight is the weight I started my first big post high school goal. (Reward - One item at Sephora)
2. 299 a.k.a Twoterville - This is the first very long stop before the ever lauded Onederland (I don't know who thought of that name but it is just too cute) (Reward - Charming Charlie $30 limit)
3. 290 - This is the lowest weight that I can actively remember, I was in the early years of colleges. (Reward -  TBD)

So there they are ladies and gents. The first big, on the books, goals. I'm not thinking past 290. Thats already like 50 pounds away, ugh! But I think my first ultimate goal is 180. I will see how that feels before deciding to go lower.

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