Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeling Low

Oh, this day just keeps on slugging me in the face. I found out that the job I thought I got wasn't really. They want me to teach to kids in their afternoon class. They have hired another teacher for their upper level students. This means I will probably have only a couple students. This may not even be worth the gas to get down there. Well you know what! You don't know what a stupid decision that was. Okay so I don't have experience at teaching but I am a bad-ass at pedagogy. The human voice and communicating about it is my greatest strength. All I need is a little time. I really hope their other teacher fizzles out and bombs big time. I know that sounds vindictive but I was really excited about my first voice teaching job. I've made this huge decision to try and make a living now instead of furthering my opera career and I just didn't need that. Thank goodness I have a gig this weekend but now that is causing me stress because the music is pretty hard and I've only had it two days and I want to make connections so I can get more gigs. I'm also worried about the Houston Grand Opera chorus audition too. What if they don't need any more singers. I really need that income while I'm trying to get a studio going. I really don't want this year to be super meager but unless some things solidify I'm gonna be trying to find high fiber ramen. I am in such a bad mood. Oh yeah and by the way, I'm still fat. I'm in the dumps, I need some cheer.

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