Friday, August 26, 2011

Another door

Today was my last day watching the girls. Sad face. I will be living here for a few more weeks until my aunt's house is finished being built. This means that next week I have to be proactive about getting my substitute teaching paperwork done. My Houston Grand Opera chorus audition is tomorrow morning. If I get in again it will be a huge help in keeping me working. If I don't get in again, it's gonna be a slim month. If I don't get on the sub list then it looks like I'll be waiting tables again (please no!) I'm really hoping that the voice teaching job pans out because it will mean some experience until next year. I'm really leaning towards my doctorate but first I just want to work regularly and go on this cruise with my family in June. I would also like to go see my brother for Thanksgiving. E is going to rent a car so basically I just need to have enough money to chip in for the car and for expenses while I'm there, (I also hope to have a little for some black Friday shopping). It's times like these I could really use the Strattera, it makes getting all the little detail things done so much faster with almost no anxiety.

Today's eating was really good! Woot woot!

Breakfast: 2 slices whole grain bread with smart balance butter, strawberries,
Lunch: whole wheat tortilla with turkey, cheese, lowfat mayo, broccoli, carrots, radishes, and purple cabbage,   last skinny cow ice cream sandwich
Snack: Low fat popcorn, dark chocolate
Dinner: Morning Star Farms Chili (super loaded with protein and fiber), WW cheese, dollop of creme fraiche
Zantac (nerves and chili, acid city)

I'm thinking of starting to do the whole picture blogging thing. I enjoy seeing it on other blogs and it seems pretty cool. And my lunch wrap was so pretty. I am gonna upload a picture of me soon too.

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