Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hellur! I'm on a diet!

Now some people like to say "lifestyle change" and that is what it is but your diet is technically what you eat on a regular basis. So me being "on a diet" means I am actively managing what goes into my body. So I do not fear the d word.

It is interesting to me how people seem to get really confused when you don't eat something. I was at dinner tonight and I didn't eat chips or queso. "You aren't going to eat any?" Ummm... no. People look perplexed like I've just announced that I'm an alien or something. How many times do you have to obviously be on a diet before people expect it? Now I guess as many times as I have failed, most people don't understand my new consistency. It does amuse me how guilty people look about their own eating, like they know they should probably do the same thing. When did I become the example?

I'm trying to stay positive about the work situation. I did get in the HGO chorus for Fidelio. That is a big relief, but to finish my application for substitute teaching I had to spend my last paycheck on the money I owed SMU so they will release my transcript. It's going to be really tight for awhile and I'm just getting really tired of being the "poor" one. It was okay at 23 but at 32 its getting kinda lame. It's also going to really cut into my shopping budget. I may lose weight the old fashioned poverty route. But I refuse to buy cheap crap food. If I have to subsist off chicken and broccolli, I will. I would rather have one meal of nutrition than 3 of junk. I just won't do it.But for now I have a full fridge and I will thank the Lord for my many blessings.


  1. Isn't it frustrating how those subtle pressures from family and friends can have such a huge impact on our behavior?

    Good for you! Plus, brown rice and broccoli is a super cheap, healthier alternative to the regular "poor student food" of ramen noodles. A professor of mine taught me that one in school a few years back. Awesome tip, I thought.

  2. I wish I had said "And it was one of the best things I learned in school." Or something like that. I would have sounded witty. Oh well ;)

  3. Good for you!! I came across your blog and I too need to shed some pounds. Support is needed and welcome, follow me....