Thursday, August 8, 2013

The wages of unhealthiness

Exercising this week has been a real struggle. My body is having problems and it's my fault I've treated it so badly all these years. I've been eating healthy nutritious food and drinking water but these past few days I just have not felt very good. I've been tired and exercising is making me feel a little sick. I have been really working hard during my workouts and stopping when I need to but I just feel lousy. I am proud that I have been pushing through and making good choices. I know that I'm getting to the age of real health problems because of my obesity. I've been blessed that my body is holding up and my blood work and sugar levels are still in slighty high but normal ranges. This won't last forever. Either I stick with this or I get ready for prescriptions and doctor visits. I really don't want that. I feel the pressure to take this super seriously more than I ever have. This week has me worried that I am very close to a turning point. I hope it's the turning point I want and not the problems I've avoided for so long. Feeling motivated by my drearyness. One step closer by exercising today.

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