Friday, August 30, 2013

F bombs for Friday

Anyone else drop a little profanity to get through their workout?

I have been feeling that my body doesn't feel worked after my workouts. While I know I am getting really great cardio I know that I need to fatigue the muscles to work them properly. Well today I really focused on really engaging my full body at every move. I pushed myself and today I sure felt it. I think I went to my max intensity. Now minute for minute I had to stop a lot more to rest but I know I will keep getting better little by little day by day.

This week was really long with the beginning of school. I've been mentally wiped out and then opera started last night. Opera is a great joy to me and always energizes me but getting home at 11 and waking up at 6 was hard after this long week. Thankfully we have a nice three day weekend. Tomorrow I have opera and am gonna hang out with the fam. I will not stress out too much about eating tomorrow night. My goal is to eat a nice big healthy breakfast and be sure to eat a veggie lunch and my two snacks. I normally don't drink too much but I plan to relax and let myself be for a night. Eating healthy Sunday and Monday is going to be hard but I plan to stay strong and get my exercise in every day. Tomorrow is weigh in and I am doing my best to not expect too much. This is a slow process and its the wonderful TOM. Booooo

All in all, the week was a success and I feel quite good tonight.

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