Thursday, August 22, 2013

Analyzing cheescake.

I was at a book club this evening and there was a tasty sopapilla cheescake. I ate two bites even though I wanted to turn it down. Even before I ate those two bites I really started thinking about how irrational my desire for that cheesecake is. Now I don't have any answers as how to make my mind stop doing that but I do realize that my mind has a subconscious attachment to it that my rational brain can't understand. As I sat looking at the cheesecake I wondered "why does it seem so important that I do or don't have a bite of that cheesecake?" The rational part of my brain that has been working it's butt of these last weeks wants me to unilaterally never have a bite of sweets ever again. And you know what, I could go my whole life without eating another bite of dessert and I would be fine!!!!!!! This seems imcomprehensible to part of my brain. How does one live without desserts?!? It's not feasible or possible. So I ate two bites of cheesecake mindfully. I explored the flavor and why this bite seems so important. It was delicious but not life altering. I have analyzed it the best I can and honestly I don't have any answers. All I know is I didn't eat two pieces like I would have in the past. And that is what I plan to be proud of. Sorry rational mind, one day at a time.

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