Sunday, August 18, 2013

Giving up sugar...?

Sugar is the devil. I am pretty sure of this. There is absolutely no value in refined sugar. It's just plain horrible for you. I've really been thinking of going sugar and sweetener free but honestly the thought is daunting. It's everywhere and frankly I'm addicted to it. I love sweets and pastries. It's my jam. Knowing that I can have a snickers every now and again seems to make things bearable. But the truth is I have to keep moving forward. I'm all for baby steps and adding changes in slowly but I know that the key is sugar. It's control on metabolism and overall health can't be understated. But the difficulty of eliminating it from one's diet can't be understated either. But it's time isn't it. It's become clear that it's make it or break it time. I feel a finality coming in my life, for good or bad. I feel stone cold sober. I have to make a choice. I have to choose my health or sugar. One of them is going to go.

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