Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The beautiful amazing heart

The heart really is an amazing muscle. It's programmed to keep going and it never gets rest. Rest is how you get stronger and you heal. Not the heart. How do we keep the heart healthy? We have to make it work harder. It's really rather counterintuitive but extraordinary at the same time. As I exercise and I feel my heart beating so fast it feels like it simply can't be good for it. (be advised that I never overdo and I stop frequently). While I hate the feeling, I love it at the same time. It's a message from my heart to me and me to my heart. It is strong but it needs my help and my love. It works tirelessly while I treat it so badly and there it is beating for me. It says good for you and thank you for the exercise. I feel the blood it pumps and my whole body knows that it's being taken care of. I hate exercising. But these few minutes after I'm done and I feel my heart disappear into it's quiet routine I feel grateful and I thank it for another wonderful day.

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