Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fueling up for the long journey

Some dieters (okay me (maybe you too)) hope that if they can find the biggest tank and make it bigger and fill it all to the top that hopefully that will last the whole journey. If the tank is big enough you will always have enough motivation and energy to pull from. This is a dream. Reality is that the tank is very small, a thimble sometimes. All that dreaming and hoping and scheming and convincing is really just overflow. You can't hold on to it. The tank has to be filled everyday. Some mornings it might be on empty. If you are truly lucky, you might have a little from the day before. But yes, you have to fill it EVERY DAY. This makes me groan. Ugh! Every day? Yes, but you have to realize that all you have to do is fill it a little and if you didn't fill it yesterday, that's no excuse not to fill it today.

As I was exercising.. Okay well as I was sitting down resting I thought about how long it will take to get to the point that I can do the whole video all the way through without stopping. This thought was utterly disappointing. I realized that it won't be tomorrow, or next week, or maybe even this year *wildly bursts in to tears*. But I remembered that today, I was doing great! I was sweating and doing better than I had yesterday. I also realized that a small part of me didn't believe that that day would ever come. Thankfully I reminded myself about perspective. The facts are, if I exercise 5-6 days a week and eat well, there really isn't a way I won't be able to. I have to be happy with my little steps and my little tank. The only day ahead of me is tomorrow.

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