Friday, August 23, 2013

A good week

I am pretty happy about this week. My food wasn't exactly where I want it to be but it was still enough to be proud of. I ate breakfast every morning, drank water all day, and resisted several sweets opportunities. I am ready for the month to be through so I can get through the first week of school which will be a nightmare. Opera starts on Thursday!! Yay! And I will be really proud to see my calendar full of X's. If I exercise tomorrow, that will be 6 full days in a row. Opera is going make exercising a little harder but I will just have to be commited to exercising on the days I am not in opera. That will still make 4-6 days a week (until tech week). When tech week comes I want to really try to set a goal to exercise in the mornings even if it is just the 20 minute workout video.

I am still struggling with some "It's all gonna crash and burn!!!" anxiety but I think the exercise really is helping to regulate my mood. Just 8 days left in August and then we start fresh in September and that is as far as I plan right now.

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