Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not being perfect or making excuses?

What's the difference between mitigating trying too hard to be perfect and making excuses? I could have done a lot better today in my eating. I drank water and had breakfast. I ate fruits and vegetables... and cake and a cherry kolache. I exercised really hard and got my heart rate up for 30 minutes but I didn't finish the whole video. Now the exercise I'm okay with. I am working up to my highest capacity and am exercising wholeheartedly for 30 minutes. The whole 45 will come with time. Now the eating. I'm still maneuvering the you can't deprive yourself all the time mantra with you can't treat yourself all the time reality. I think my new goal really needs to be to limit my splurges. I must start really learning the dieting truth that all you really need is a few bites. The idea of mindful eating was a new revelation. Now I have to take it in to practice. If I have candy or cake or whatnot, I don't need the whole thing and I MUST think about and be present while I'm eating the thing. Mindless is addiction, mindful is listening to my inner truth. I'm feeling hopeful.

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