Monday, January 9, 2012

Tortoise or the Hare?

Before knowing the moral of the story, I want so desperately to be the hare. And when I begin, I'm always the hare. I will lose all this weight! I will work out an hour every morning and and an hour every afternoon. I will never touch a white carb and I will digest every vegetable known to our omnivorous species! I will lose 2 pounds every week if not more! It's like I never heard the ending. Oh that tortoise! With its dogged determination and stick to it-ness. The hare has burned out! He cannot finish what he has started. 

So I finished day one back on the weight watchers wagon. I even did 30 minutes of exercise and drank water. Ooh I can't wait to be thin and athletic!! Oops..... what was I talking about?

Now in this classic fable we learn of the tortoise's slow and steady pace. I think we can all agree the tortoise is lame. Dude, call a taxi! But alas, I must take on the attributes of the fabled tortoise. It's time to reject the hare's siren song of fast results in minimum time. I am the tortoise (slow breathe in) I am the tortoise (slow breathe out). So what does this mean?

Attributes of the tortoise:
1) Slow and steady
2) Not competitive
3) Goal oriented (not speed oriented)
4) Awesome ninja skills (Wait ...... that's the mutant bad)
5) Never gives up despite slow progress
6) Eventually surpasses dumbass hare

So what does this mean for my weight loss race? It means that I have to set some goals that have nothing to do with miracles, unrealistic goals, or ninja skills. So here is where I'm starting. 

1) Stay in my points realizing that sometimes white carbs, well carbs in general, will be involved. The most important thing is sticking with the plan and getting some veggies, fruit, and water in.
2) 30 minutes a day of physical movement. This is proven to be effective. I am not Rambo. 30 minutes, thats all.
3) I will compare myself to NO ONE!

But, thats not enough. WHERE IS MY PERFECTION!?!? I am the tortoise (slow breath in) I am the tortoise (slow breath out). 


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I was the tortoise.

  2. I want to be the hare (not really smart) but I am definitely the tortoise!

  3. Here's another tortoise checking in! However, I think I have a little Ninja in me :) I've needed those fighting skills to stay in the game!

    I been at this going on my 3rd year. If I would have done it perfectly, I could have been done about 6 months ago. But....I'm not perfect and life happens. The best thing is, I'm still in the game. I'm going to make my matter how long it takes!!

    Keep focused!!!!

  4. This post totally made my day! Hilarious, but so true, and really good advice. 'I am the tortoise' is a fantastic mantra, and I may well borrow it :D

  5. What a fun post. It's true that the tortoise's progress isn't as exciting, but it's the way to achieve those permanent results I'm sure you're looking for.