Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chugging (water) along!

So day two of the H20 mission is going well. (Mental note: Buy more toilet paper) I actually drank 6 bottles today. It has gotten a little tiring having to drop trough every what seems like 5 minutes. I am also doing my best to keep upping the veggie count. I absolutely love all the convenient options available at the store. Fresh spinach in a bag, why yes thank you. Today I enjoyed the "Rainbow Salad" mix with some ranch. Just call me the fibernator. I know I'm kind of rambly today but I mostly just wanted to post something. I did also enjoy some chocolate today. Unfortunately they came off my weekly points but I did stop after a serving so I'm proud of that. Well I was hoping to come out with some great pearl of wisdom but thats obviously not going to happen so I'm just gonna call it a night. Good night blogosphere!

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