Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time Warp

If you asked me if 30 minutes was a long time I would probably tell you of course it isn't. I'll never understand how something you don't want to do makes 30 minutes feel like an hour. So checking off my tortoise check list for the day I decided to take a walk. 30 minutes, no pressure. Well I'm fat ladies and gentlemen. And I felt every pound in the last ten minutes. I haven't felt this old and decrepit since..... well since I last tried to exercise. I'm glad I did and I know I need to continue to do it but 30 minutes a day sounded so easy. And I guess it wasn't that horribly hard. My nifty new Ipod also counts my steps and time for me. I probably looked really silly walking slow and then fast then slow to test if it really worked. It does. So by the tortoise scale I'm doin pretty good.

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