Saturday, January 21, 2012

I won't apologize

Yes, I went out last night. Yes, I had a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and two beers. Yes, I had ice cream too. I can't be a perfectionist. I really wish I could. I give much kudos to those out there who diet without ever "cheating." I have to admit it felt good to just enjoy good company and good food. Here's where it gets sticky. Am I back on track today? Yes, so far I am. I refuse to give in to panic mode and just give up. I made a conscious choice last night to enjoy myself. I don't get out much and I feel so much tension released last night. Now most of that was getting to see my friends and be my out loud bad-ass self. But this is where the rubber hits the road. I won't apologize for last night. I did nothing wrong. I plan on eating "bad" food in my future. But the lesson I have to learn is how to pick up and go right back to dieting. I know I can do this. It's time and I'm ready. So you won't see me put my head in the sand and run away. I will look at last nights actions in a solid balanced frame of mind. Progress, not perfection. I am the mother f#%king tortoise.


  1. Personally, I don't think there's any "cheating". I knew right from the get go of my journey that I had to find a way that works for me. I have the occasional burger, I have the occasional fries. The change is that I used to have it all the time before. I still have ice cream from time to time, I indulge. The ONLY important part, is not letting it grow into a full blown binge week. That's a problem. Enjoying yourself once in a while isn't. :)

  2. I wouldn't beat myself up about that at all! I don't avoid any foods, there are days or times where I let my guard down and have certain foods on occassion and go right back the next day to what I know I have to do, its totally fine. Now if you eat like that everyday thats a problem. It's all about enjoying in moderation!