Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving is finally over

So here is the situation. I did pretty well over the Thanksgiving holiday. I let myself enjoy more during the whole week than I had planned. But the really good news is I never stuffed myself the entire week. My best friend was really amazed at my Thanksgiving meal. I even got a few weird looks from family members who obviously had just compared what was on their plate and what was on mine. Although the week wasn't exactly as I planned, I was able to deal with some feelings that came up. I feel like a step forward was made.

But now....... today........ well I feel like a slug.  I do not want to return to the regularly scheduled program. I forced myself to wake up and eat breakfast but it was very difficult. I think I'm going to make a smoothie for a snack to get some of those fruits and veggie back in my system. It's rubber hits the road time and I'm having to fight for it. My goal is to lose another 10 pounds by Christmas. That will be a very reachable goal. That would mean a 20 pound total loss. I would love to lose more but dealing in reality is one of my overall keys to success. No more perfectionism for me. Monday and I  are going to work together this year.

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