Friday, November 9, 2012

My mood is suffering. I have no food buffer to numb the pains of reality. I must get back into gratitude mode. I have so much, but here I am just hating life because I can't eat. How stupid is that? I have more food in my pantry than some people will have for months. Ok, that's a truth I need to get with. Me me me, that's the refrain in my head. What about me and my life? It's nowhere near where I want but how much of that is my fault? Yikes, way too much. I promise to open my life up to gratitude today. My blessings are innumerable. The fact that I have to face myself without mind altering food chemicals is something I need to be grateful for too. I have the actual choice to eat or not eat. How many people on this planet don't get that choice?

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