Thursday, December 15, 2011

My brain feels like a big ball of lint. Lots of feelings, lots of ideas, very few complete sentences. So how does that translate to a meaningful blog post? Well, I don't know if it really will. But I know its better to get things out. It's like some scientific psychological fact or something. But when what's inside is just a muck of self pity, fear, and the extreme urge to do nothing then I'm just going to have to wing it.

Today was, well, a day. I didn't conquer any mountains or have any life changing "Ah Ha!"s. I'm just trying to cope. Trying to be honest with myself about what needs to come next. Well, a job application is a good place to start. I guess this blog could really be titled. "If I type long enough about wanting to get better will I actually fill a job application out." Too wordy? Probably.

I didn't go crazy with the eating and if I need something to pin a hope in today I guess I could say that I resisted the urge to buy ice cream. Now let me make sure to highlight that this was no ordinary ice cream. This was Bluebell on sale for $4.99. This might be your "Ah ha!" moment. I read a list yesterday about what is great about Texas. Bluebell ice cream was on this list and rightly so. It's probably been single-handedly responsible for the Texas size derriere of many a Texan. Yes, it IS that good. Sorry about ya'll who don't get it in your area. Well it's probably better for you anyway to be far away from its deliciousness.

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