Saturday, December 17, 2011

Laziness becomes her

So I've been home bound taking care of my mother after surgery. I'm starting to get a little  bored but instead of getting off my butt and maybe getting my heart rate up, I'm doing everything in my power to do nothing. This is a tragic habit I've had all my life. And now I really have to stay home. For real doh. Seriously.

And since I'm not in school I don't have any long standing subject to research or a paper to start mulling over. I finally picked songs for my students. This leaves me with nothing I really have to do. Wow. It's been soooo long since that has happened. Now I should start some projects. I have a mountain of boxes in the garage that need to be gone through and stacked properly and it wouldn't kill me to shave my legs. This is Texas where it's too warm to even attempt at a good excuse for hairy legs. New fashion statement? Hmm I think not.

Can I say how ready I am for the holidays to get done with? There aren't really any presents (excepting my one family gift and the gc in the mail from Dad)  or a stocking this year so I'm just really trying to keep my head down and pretend it never happened.It's really Christmas Eve and Christmas morning I'm ready to be done with. I try to thank the Lord for my blessings. All in all, I have a great life. But when you have to watch for 30 minutes while aunts, uncles, and cousins regale each other with dozens of gifts, it takes all my power to convince myself that I don't need or want that stuff. But I am a coveter at heart and the excess of my richer family members really does a lot to ruin the holiday for me. At least E provides a lot of booze. Hopefully I can be drunk by then and can concentrate on my buzz instead. Judge me if you will, but I have no shame in admitting the use of alcohol to numb the reality of the empty section under the tree where my presents would be if I had a rich parent or a family of my own. I will suck it up and enjoy the presents I do get. But finally Christmas dinner will come.  I have three dishes and two different desserts to make. That I can contribute and be a part of fully. I don't have a great many skills but baking is one of them. And then I will get to see my sister in law and my brother. This is going to be the best part. My sister in law is really my Christmas gift this year. I can't wait to get out the board games and get crazy. I miss her terribly and I'm so ready to see her.

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  1. I'm really glad you're back. I don't have any advice for how you can better enjoy your holidays, but I wanted to know that we do appreciate you here. :)