Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garlic breath and inner beauty

I just had the most delicious tilapia smothered in garlic. My house stinks and so does my breath but who cares.

After my last post, I was reminded by my wonderful blogger friends about the beauty that really matters. I reread my last post and I realize how it might have sounded. It sounded like some arrogant blowhard with the absolute wrong priorities. Well, as I am not perfect, I do have my arrogant blowhard moments. I don't regret the post because it was honestly how I felt. I remember by grandmother holding my face saying "oh you just don't realize how beautiful you are, if you could just lose that extra weight." Now before you go dissin my grandma, know that my grandma was one of the most amazingly wonderful women ever created. If that sentence was the worst thing she ever did to me then well I count myself blessed. I never doubted her love for me for one second. But this sentence (especially since she was not the first or last to say it) did affect me. I'd like to pretend that I live in a beautiful bubble of self-love never noticing anyone's size or physical appearance. Because of my own struggles I don't judge others or think less of them. I love people for who they are inside. People with ugly insides need not apply. But I do fight the urge to judge myself. Loving yourself inside and out, how does one really do that? My goodness it's a struggle. So today instead of listing what's wrong with my outsides I think I'll list what's right with my insides.

1) I always think the best of people 2) I don't abuse friendships 3) I try to be kind 4) I smile at strangers and open doors (It's amazing how many people get shocked when you smile at them) 5) I give great hugs 6) I am generous with my time

I could go on, but we've had enough arrogant blowhardness for one day. So I want to know.

What's beautiful about your insides? (Try not to be too literal. I don't want to hear about your colon.)

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  1. lol You don't want to hear about my colon? ;)

    Nice post. It is what is inside that counts the most. I'm a genuine, kind hearted person.