Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Diet Alarm Clock

Most people need alarm clocks. There is no shame in having that little device help you wake up every morning. I need diet alarm clocks way more than I'm giving myself access to them. I was watching the Dr's (a daytime t.v. show) and it showed the affects of excess fat on the body. Somewhere in my data banks I had this knowledge. I know how bad my behaviors are going to affect my body. But apparently I needed that wake up call again. It has re-motivated me to focus on not just the scale but the health aspects of food. I feel ready to eat what's good for me tomorrow. So this has reminded me that I need to keep finding alarm clocks to help me stay motivated. I'm going to try to make a real point of looking for things that keep my mind in the right place.


  1. I need help like that too. Blogging has really helped me, as well as health magazines etc. Keep it up and stay focused!!

  2. Good post! We all need those little alarm clocks here and there to remind us the real reason we need to lose weight. Health is SO important. I get obsessed with the scale much too often when I need to remember the real reason I'm trying to lose the weight- to be healthy.

  3. I need the accountability of blogging/vlogging. I am new to your blog so "hello" and I just followed.