Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Full length mirrors are of the devil

So I went to the grocery store, filled up my cart with a rainbow of healthy foods. I was feelin pretty fine until I went to choir rehearsal tonight and was faced with a wall of mirrors. Oh the crushing blow of reality. I'm really so much skinnier in my mind. It still shocks me when I see myself. Who is this person? And now that my face is starting to age its getting harder to face the reflection. I always had my face. No matter how fat I was, my face was beautiful. Now my skin is telling the story of a sunblock free youth and I can't afford really good skin care. I've never been a fan of mirrors but now I flat out hate them. This really sucks. I'm looking for reasons to be joyful but I'm having trouble. I would write a longer post but this complaining isn't really helping me feel better. Maybe some Frasier on Netflix will. We'll see.

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