Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brussel sprouts and red wine

I never understood being an alcoholic. I guess its because I already had a drug of choice. But now I'm slowly breaking my cycle of addiction (well maybe slowly chipping away at it). NOW that I am a fan of red wine I UNDERSTAND how one could slowly not be able to live without it. I always picture alcoholism as swilling whiskey all day (even thinking it makes my stomach turn.) But slowly finding my way to the end of a red wine bottle, not a problem. My glass of red wine last night was simply fantastic. Now don't start to worry. A healthy serving of red wine is very small so I limited myself to that, but I could have easily wrapped myself up in the whole bottle. Luckily alcohol is easy for me to limit (thank God something is!)

On another note, I branched out and roasted some brussel sprouts today. They were good but I know they could be better. Anyone have any suggestions?

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