Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Struggling to eat.... thats a new one

I realized that my eating is so erratic. Having to eat so many points in one day I think will be about getting my body used to something. I believe in Weight Watchers. I've read some reports of people not doing as well on the new program but I'm gonna really try to go by the book for a solid month before I make any grand pronouncements about its efficacy. I understand that my larger body uses more energy and that my crime hasn't always been eating too much but what and how I've been eating it. I think if I can be very strict about getting the right amount of points and trying to be healthier and limit the white carbs and sugars that my body might actually appreciate a steady controlled intake of food. Structure is hard for a lot of people, structure is INSANE for a an ADHDer. I know that my metabolism and insulin stuff has to be completely out of whack. So I guess this means I'm gonna have to eat breakfast. Oh well.

I've really been enjoying opera chorus. Its an almost perfect job. I get to be onstage but I don't have to deal with the crushing pressure that comes with the main roles. I hope to have this job for years to come. I also get to be onstage with some amazing performers. Its like getting paid to hear your favorite singer up close and personal. But one thing I have learned is that being on stage is a very physically demanding thing. You have to deal with heels, sloped floors, crazy stairs, confining underwear, and other sundry things. The theater is a JOB. A job I adore, but my big ass has some troubles. It would be great to go into next season not having to worry about getting up off the floor.

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