Friday, October 21, 2011

Emotions, no thanks I'd rather not!

So I'm dealing with a little anger at a family member. I know that I will soon get over this feeling but its taking longer than usual because I don't have junk food to tell my troubles to. I'm generally a pretty upbeat person who gets over things pretty easily. It was just bad timing to be getting serious again and have this person annoy me with their selfishness. And now I see this person loaded down with junk food and I want to scream. I want SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops I had a moment there. I woke up earlier today which I'm happy about, even though I did take a little nap. But I got all my chores done and stayed right in my points.

Does anyone else feel a little guilty on Weight Watchers? I had white carbs and red meat today. The perfectionist in my head is panicking. This feels like way too much food. Now before I get in too much trouble, I also had a good amount of veggies and I'm about to crack open a delicious grapefruit. I'm also struggling with the growing thoughts about my weight and trying not to jump on the scale every five seconds. I know logically that this is going to take a long time. But I have to fight the impatience more than I have to fight the cravings. Oh and can I tell you how much I love the little WW calculator. It keeps track of everything and makes it much easier. I just wish the buttons where a teeny bit bigger, wow here I go complaining! I've also been enjoying making lemonade since there is always lemon juice in the house. And can I say, Dr. Pepper ten is AWESOME. But I've had to be real strict about having only one a day. If it becomes a problem, I'm going to have to keep it out of the house and I reaaaaallllly don't want to have to do that.

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