Saturday, October 22, 2011

Can't be shy sometimes

So I did pretty well today and stayed in my points. My aunt invited me and mom to dinner which was I wasn't really in the mood for. But I got over myself and asked my aunt to measure out the chili for me. I eyeballed the cheese and said no to bread. I also measured out my ice cream, I'm sorry but blue bell ice cream and I still had 9 points left for the day. Yum! I need to try and get another piece of fruit in and some more water but I'm pretty okay with how the day went.

Now tomorrow I need to take a walk. I should have today but I didn't. The weather is beautiful which gives me NO excuse especially since my new neighborhood has sidewalks. Yay!!! I hate walking on the road knowing that oncoming traffic gets a nice up close view of my workout pant clad ass. I have no illusions about what I look like. But after this many years I've gotten pretty good at getting over what other people think. Being weird and klutzy makes it easy to get used to embarrassment. And I've been blessed with friends who love me just the way I am. But tomorrow I have to make a shopping list, drink water, and walk. I can do that.

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