Monday, October 17, 2011

I get how many points!?!?

Um so I got the Pointplus calculator and I won't say how many points I am allotted but I feel like its a million. Now I could easily eat that many points at the drive-thru but to eat healthily I feel like I'm gonna have to start eating 18 meals a day. I'm no scientist and I know that Weight Watchers works but it seems crazy to have to eat that much food. Now I know some of my smaller compatriots would be angry at my complaining but it seems like A LOT of food. But I guess we'll see this week. I have all my paperwork ready to go and other than Wednesday night's chicken and dumplings I feel ready to go in the eating department.

Mentally and emotionally I am trying to get out of a rut. I'm not like crazy depressed or crazy happy either. I'm just kinda sittin here watching my life go by, dreaming about having a family. I've looked into a couple of free dating sites but it seems like the quality ones you have to pay for. I'm not against that but the reality is I can't afford that for another month now. I'm also TERRIFIED of dating. I feel like I would be terrified even if I was smaller but at my size I'm mortified. How much is it to ask that I can marry rich?


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I've used weight watchers in the past, and every time I felt like the points seemed extraordinarily high. However, they disappear more quickly than you would think they do! Good luck with your first week, I'm glad you're back.

  2. Dating was scary at 345 pounds. It was scary at 265, and it's still kind of scary now at 195. It gets a little easier - but that has more to do with self-confidence, I think. As you invest in yourself and your health, you start to radiate a different beauty - a confident glow. It sounds cheesy, but it's exceptionally true. <3