Monday, September 12, 2011

Decision Made, let the point counting begin

After some mental debating and a few slices of pepperoni pizza I made the decision I've been thinking about for the last several weeks. I think I'm ready to start Weight Watchers again. I did the same thing I do almost every time and I started eating perfectly and then things started to slack. I shoot for this idea of perfection which never sticks. Well normally that's the time to call for a full stop and just eat like a wild ravenous animal. But I am determined to not sink the ship this time. That means being very realistic about whats real, and what is a beautiful illusion. I want to keep eating lots of vegetables and putting nutritious food into my body but I have to find a way to balance it with this pesky thing called life. And this even peskier thing called food addiction. In a perfect world, I would never touch pizza again my entire life. I would be the shining beacon of clean living. I would rather just get my weight down first. For now that is really the most important thing. Doing it healthily is incredibly important to me but its all a moot point if I go crazy every full moon like some carb thirsty werewolf. The reality is

1. I need structure
2. I'm not really strong enough to do this without help
3. I like beer and pizza
4. Some days I'm just not gonna choose the carrot
5. It's calming to know exactly what I can and cannot do

So I'm giving Weight Watchers the reins again. I've gone a full month in charge and I know I'm ready to stick with something. I'm finally ready. It's taken me a month to say that and a month to know I really mean it because lets face it. Many of us have said that hundreds of times. I'm gonna do this. I'm just gonna get some help (and maybe have a beer every now and then).

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  1. You have to do what's best for you..... I hope you figure that out sooner than later! You.Are.Worth.It.