Friday, July 12, 2013

You'll get there girl.

I have seem to have acquired a new habit of finding some mental phrase or question to help me make it through my workout. Whether it comes from a positive or negative place there always seems to be something to hang onto. Today I wondered how I would ever keep going after having to stop for the fourth time. I seem to have no patience for results and I was down about how I don't seem to be getting any better. If I approached it rationally I would have noticed a little better technique and a slightly marginally better recovery time. But all I saw was how much of the video I have to sit down through. As I contemplated calling it quits, I heard "you'll get there, girl." The tone was grandmotherly and full of the understanding of the benefits of time. While the thought of how long this will take makes me weary I know that the only way to is through. The time will pass with or without me. The effect of exercise on my body is mostly up to me. Science is on my side. Move more, eat less. I'll get there... eventually.

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