Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There is always a reason not to

As I slogged through another day of my workout video and had to stop to catch my breath, I heard the voice "you've done 30 minutes, that's all you really have to do, you don't have to finish it." And I was about ready to listen to the voice and then I heard a different voice, " you will always find a way to talk yourself out of doing something." This, although I've always known it, was a shock. It really hit me that there will always be excuses. While there may be in fact some amazing day when I can't wait to exercise, the reality is that there are hundreds of days ahead where I will have to stick to it instead of waiting for it to stick to me. I will want to quit, a lot. And truth be told, I could most definitely come up with a million good sounding reasons to stop. I also realize that while it takes only one good reason to not exercise, maybe all it takes is one good reason to exercise. So today, when I was ready, I got back up and went to the finish.


  1. Good for you. Perseverance will take all of us a long way. It's not easy, but not giving up is the only way we'll get there.

    1. Thank you! Perseverance is certainly not one of my best skills, but one I hope I can learn.